The Emotional Attachment of Photography

 “Most documentary photographers strive to maintain a relationship of neutrality with their subjects, but it is almost impossible to remain detached.” – Deal & Fox (2006:59)

Working collaboratively with a variety of cultures, numerous types of talents and multiple languages, during just this year [2015], has changed my perspective of photography. 

Photography and the way our “smartphone” devices enable us to connect, share, edit and create alter the way modern society engage with photography on a international scale. Portfolios have become altered in such a way that not only becomes more stimulating but allows your audience to feel part of the scene and environment you are producing. Deal & Fox (2006) present the notion that a photographer, of which I consider through a camera lens or “smart phone” medium, finds it impossible to detach themselves emotionally from an image. An emotion can be “re lived” through a photograph, [see Spurling, 2015 “Sexting & Intimate Relations Online”].  

This type of feeling gained by viewing an still image, rather than a moving image that can often persuade the viewer on how to feel via sound, has been touched upon recently whilst re visiting my collection of photography from Serbia this year. 

This notion for travelling in order to expand and broaden a diverse network of professional relationships became enriched with the combined passion of communication, photography and media. Therefore this was no longer just a network of professional collaboration but a friendship. 


“We believe community ties were strengthened as a result of our collaboration.” Deal & Fox (62) 

Dragan Elcic (2015) reminds us that in a traveller who holds a camera there is something exciting in that type of perspective, we should continue to ignite this concept of collaboration through Deal & Fox’s (2006) understanding of “community ties”.

 Therefore I am continuing to provide EsmeSpurlingMedia as a chance to collaboratively work on a variety of projects with international and national organisations, such as Mikser House, Vibe Concepts, Interdoc, NYC and [forthcoming] Singapore (2015/16).

*If you are a currently based in Singapore and have a passion for Media, Culture, Communications, please contact me with an expression of interest to collaborate on an international project based in Singapore during December 2015. 

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