Mikser Festival: The Creative Magic of Savamala

“[T]he Creative Magic of Savamala”
– Bela, Mikser Festival [2015]

The underlining theme for this years’ Mikser Festival, in Savamala earlier this year (3rd June 2015) turned to the concept of ITCH.

Sparked from an environment that limits us and is oblivious to our specific needs and desires, one can often come to a lethargic feeling. This video highlights the volunteers, people and creative community of Savamala and the importance of the district, located in the heart of Belgrade. Once a colder place, that did not ignite any inspiration from creative artists is now a place where collaboration is consistently threaded throughout every corner and space.

The purpose of this video is to provide a snapshot of the result of the collaboration that has continued to grow throughout the last five years. To highlight the importance and emphasise the need for this district to remain intact rather than being altered to fit into the capitalist structure of Western society.

Belgrade has a different and varying rhythm throughout the city, Savamala contains a more vibrant and richer sounds that needs to be kept in an original and unique state.

“[I]ts about the people and the ideas, and that’s what Mikser Festival is all about!” – Adam Teighe, Cvclne [2015]

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 11.46.42 am

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