Vibe Cycle: Club Vibe Euphoria

On Saturday 3rd October, Club Vibe Euphoria was hosted in Square One, The Hub, Coventry University.

Bursting with energy and power, Vibe Cycle brought along 130 spin bikes into Square One for a full day of energetic-cycle-fitness-fun. This event provided me with the opportunity to photograph and film the Vibe’ers in action.


This proved to be challenging in terms of photography, as previous experience had equipped me with the professional use of the camera but the type of fast paced energy had exceeded my expectation – even from previous experience at Mikser Fesitval (2015).

The ability to connect emotionally to the concept of Club Vibe Euphoria assisted the type of photography I was intending to shoot: action, fitness and determination.

I believe these concepts are illustrated in the below stills and videography:

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