Welcome to Campus: Higher Education Taster Session Day

On Friday 24th July, a group of young adults from Grapevine were welcomed to Campus in order to encourage the route to Higher Education and the opportunities available here at Coventry University. Grapevine helps, supports and guides young adults, who may experience a physical or learning difficulty, vulnerability and/or discrimination within contemporary society.

The University Taster session day hosted interactive activities from across a wide range of faculties and departments, including Art & Design, Media & Communications, Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL) and the Engineering & Computing Building (ECB).

To kick-start the morning activities, Sabbatical Officers of the University, including Sport, Welfare and Community, gave an interactive discussion lecture about University Campus, student activities, societies and the numerous opportunities students of all ages, abilities and interests can participate in.

Our guests from Grapevine were then guided on a tour of the Ellen Terry Building in order to be introduced into the more specialism areas of media & communications, photography and production. With support from media technicians and lecturer Adrienne Evans, the Grapevine group actively participated in a Radio Workshop, led by Esme Spurling. This empowered teamwork, co-operation and learning how to work in synchronization with technology.

The DMLL (based on the third floor of the Library) hosted a workshop based around gamification and virtual reality headsets that enabled the young adults to engage in 3D experience, exploring the cathedral ruins in a live environment. Special thanks for the facilitation of this workshop go to Oliver Wood, Debra James and Alex Masters.

“[W]e felt inspired by the positivity the group brought into the Lab! We would absolutely welcome them back again anytime.” said Debra James.

Our guests from Grapevine then had the opportunity to have an interactive tour of the ECB, led by student ambassador Zara Talat. The tour included viewing the Harriet Jet Plane model in the basement of the building and individual workstations for students to collaborate their creative interests in order to produce them into a reality.

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The Taster session day for Grapevine allowed for the young adults to engage in Higher Education and to view the opportunities that are available to them, which has encouraged an active interest.

Young Peoples Project Worker, Chloe Ingold, stated,

[I]t meant so much to see them inspired and not held back from their dreams.

We look forward to further encouraging and welcome young students from vulnerable or disadvantaged backgrounds in order to prevent marginalization or discrimination.


The Taster Session into Higher Education at Coventry Campus could not have been facilitated without the help from CSAD; Rebecca Stewart; Craig Goddard; Paul Adkins; Lauren McCleary; Emmanuelle Cornu; Dean Utepov; Gillian Flanagan-Jones & Sarah Jones, a special thanks for your consistent support.

Photographer Credit: Emmanuelle Cornu 

 Designed to engage and inform, additional promotional material and agenda of the day was created:

Open day Higher Education Leaflet & Agenda
Open day Higher Education Leaflet & Agenda (Back)
Open day Higher Education Leaflet & Agenda
Open day Higher Education Leaflet & Agenda (Front)
the layers Open day Higher Education Leaflet & Agenda
the layers Open day Higher Education Leaflet & Agenda
layer 1 Open day Higher Education Leaflet & Agenda
layer 1 Open day Higher Education Leaflet & Agenda

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