Mikser Festival 2015: The People and their Ideas

[I]ts not the money, its not so much the location, but its about the people and the ideas – and that’s what Mikser Festival is all about! – Adam Teighe

An ‘ITCH’ can often be annoying and, at times, unbearable. The notion of having an frustrating urge to do something highlights a sense of creativity; determination and pressure. The underlining theme for this years’ Mikser Festival, in Savamala earlier this month (3rd June 2015) turned to the concept of ITCH. Sparked from an environment that limits us and is oblivious to our specific needs and desires, one can often come to a lethargic feeling. However, this can often be known for the moment when an individual or group burst into productive energy and the creative mind begins to turn into motion.

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“We are at Mikser Festival, in Savamala, which is the cultural centre of Belgrade. The Festival celebrates arts, creativity, film dance and music […] they’ve got it here. It’s the biggest festival in the region of its kind, its not the money so much its not so much the location but its about the people and the ideas – and that’s what Mikser Festival is all about!” – Adam Teighe, Cvclne : https://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialCycloneTV/featured

Experiencing MF2015 from a non-Balkan perspective, I became overwhelmed with the positive outlook, productive energy and vivid creativity – Savamala burst into life, and I was grateful to be a part of it.

I found the creative energy inspiring; the ability to connect with individuals and groups from another culture through their flair for design and eagerness to share their ability to work made the space unique.

Below is a short extract from a conversation with a Young-Balkan Design student hosting a work shop space at the Design Hub in MF. The understanding of commercial marketing but having the ability to share this knowledge with others from all over the world enriches the young designers talent:

Adam Teighe: “[…] So, a student designed it and now its selling on the market?”

Petar: “Yes, yes because, we want to provide not only something for us but we want to provide young students and younger students with everything.”

Not only did we experience and interact with young adults; students; media professionals and guests from around Balkans visiting the festival and the beautiful location of Savamala, but our understanding of the importance for arts and creativity became one of the most important part of the entire experience. The inspiration and ideas the vivid creations; paintings; street art ignited clearly defined the area from its radical change from Savamala’s previous, and darker history.

Make Money Not Art project at MF played a vital role, that at first seemed incredibly contrasting to the concept and rationale of Mikser House. The idea of small installations in the form of black boxes that represented economic salvation; political issues and experimental forms of art that were interactive and engaging were used in order to not only portray the talent of young designers and students of Belgrade but to provide the juxtaposition of how art can be more sustainable rather than one simply working independently for their own financial gain.

“[…] At the end of the day, its really about economic salvation of Savamala and the art world itself.” – Make Money Not Art


For more information on the Black Box Project that was hosted at MF 2015 please view below:


“We do not doubt that the answers will come to the surface over some time”

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